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The LOGIN development team continues to enhance ACUMEN so that it is more complete, covers more of the continuously expanding financial market, and keeps up with technology.

The new Acumen release 7.70 is out! It is available as usual under Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL environments. It includes as main features the first phase of the development of islamic deals, a complete management of portfolio limits making it easy to follow daylight limits, stop/loss limits, position limits, etc, and also a nice feature to check the changes of a single field of the database, allowing for example to view only rating information changes on the "Counterparty" table.

Click on the "New Features" menu above to know more about this 7.70 release, as well as previous releases.

Spring Training session in Paris

After the success of the past training sessions, LOGIN opens the registration to training sessions. The dates of the 2 day sessions will be defined soon, so call us quickly at the Help Desk number, or use the "request" link.

As a reminder, these low cost beginners and advanced training sessions are organised in our premises close to Paris. They allow you to improve your knowledge of Acumen in very practical and "hot" areas. It is also the opportunity for you to meet other ACUMEN users in a friendly environment. "Hands-on" training modules can even be replaced by "As you wish" sessions, allowing you to meet a consultant for a customised training.

Remarks from the trainees:

"The subjects presented were very useful."
"The people know their subjects very well."
"After some parts we had lot of thoughts...should we use something this or that way / or should we change something."
"First time I really understood WHY we have to use API."

Just click to have more details on these training's and book your place.


The last Login ACUMEN News (Number 24) is available. It describes briefly the main enhancements in Acumen releases 8.30 (developments from May 2013 to March 2014) and 8.40 (developments from April 2014 to March 2015).

Click on the link below to download it; you will access our User's Area.

Acumen News N°24

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