Profile Software (, an international financial solutions provider, announced today the successful go live of Ditto Bank, powered by Banque Travelex S.A., a Paris-based company. Ditto Bank, a differentiated digital bank, apart from managing their core banking operations via, also utilise the Treasury functionality of AcumenNet by Login SA, a Profile  company, providing an integrated platform.

Profile, heading a consortium of companies, is efficiently managing all banking, treasury, CRM and payments operations of the newly launched France-based digital bank. Ditto Bank is based on Banque Travelex SA, which is regulated by the French bank regulator Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (APCR). It is inviting users to join its waiting list, and for its pre-launch phase, clients with a postal address in France are able to participate. Ditto Bank is aspiring to become the world’s first truly global bank designed for frequent travelers, aiming at expanding in 15 countries.

AcumenNet covers the Bank’s Treasury Front – Middle office and Risk management operations. Through its modular design and modern technology, AcumenNet allows easy scalability as the organisation grows and diversifies. AcumenNet is a customisable solution, easy to implement and use. Integrated with, Profile’s Core Banking solution, it allows for fully STP front-to-back Operations.

AcumenNet accommodates Ditto Bank’s treasury operations as well as the forex position, liquidity and risk across financial markets monitoring. The platform enables real-time update of prices, positions and limits checks. Front-end blotters reflect the work of each individual user. Arbitrage solvers and calculators complement cutting-edge pricing methodologies. Dealers are able to customise their monitoring screens.

The Treasury department of Ditto Bank also experiences analyses that can be produced on cross-portfolios, such as P&L, hedging, sensitivity, and duration. They benefit from a high level of automation in daily tasks. Supervision blotters enable them to direct transactions towards designated users for further processing, filtering per type of instrument and per deal status.

Ditto Bank’s  back office benefits from paperless transfer of trades, automated printouts of deal slips and tailor-made reports, such as maturity diaries or fixing resets with a high level of security. With the utilisation of these tools the whole process is streamlined including confirmations, accounting, settlements, amendments, cancellations, revaluations, etc. with AcumenNet delivers tighter control and monitoring of all transactions, a quick and efficient access to all data and reporting for the Management while ensuring regulatory compliance. AcumenNet is also available to be utilised as a stand-alone platform that can easily integrate with any back-end and accounting platform.