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Financial institutions

Financial Institutions using Acumen.plus are generally dealing or issuing transactions or packages with complex features.
Financial institutions need a robust but flexible solution that allows the input and the pricing of any leg per of structures, often going along with embedded exotic options. The most complex products can be revaluated real time in the modules thanks to the smooth integration between Numerix and Acumen.plus.

Banks’ Treasury Department

Banks’ Treasury department needs flexible and accurate tools to manage standard instruments like FX, MM and Fixed income.

Typical utilization of Acumen.plus consists for example of the input of customers’ orders/transactions on FX and security markets on one hand, and of the input of funding or hedging operations on the interbank markets on the other hand.

The solution incorporates the entire spectrum of input, valuation and risk functionalities, including Order Management and FX Position. It is widely used in dealing rooms to monitor real time positions and P&L, Credit Risk, Portfolio limits, Interest Income or Nostro balances analyses.

Central banks

In addition to the standard functions used by commercial banks or financial institutions, Acumen.plus covers specific requirements of a Central Bank such as:

  • Reserve Management
  • FX operations, IMF  and Gold transactions
  • Auction Management
  • Loans and Deposits Planning
  • Precious Metal Management

Wealth management institutions

Wealth managers require tools to efficiently manage portfolios as well as a complete coverage of traditional banking and global investment products.

Acumen.plus offers powerful and user-defined portfolio structure with unlimited number of levels. Wealth Management analysis shows the distribution of the selected portfolio according to the composition rules, along with P&L analysis over a given period.

Asset allocation modeling functions can be defined, with rebalancing and automatic order generation.

Corporate organisations

Corporate structures need an efficient solution to cover debt management, risk management, cash pooling or corporate finance in FX, MM and derivatives markets. Acumen.plus allows for planning, account management, cash flow monitoring and managing of bank accounts.

The solution provides powerful tools for effective decision making on financing strategies, while interest and currency risks can be monitored in real-time through various analyses providing sophisticated tools for the definition of the management and hedging strategies.