Product coverage

Profile Login’s leading product,, has been designed to support all financial market transactions, such as money market trades, forex operations, collateral deals, securities, interest, currency and asset swaps, equities, futures and FRA, OTC and exchange traded options, credit linked instruments, commodities and Islamic transactions. rich functionality deals with the broad requirements of Treasury on a single platform, providing the required versatility and adaptability to support the fast evolving global business operations. It covers:

  • Front Office (deal capture, pricing, limits checking, portfolio management, FX position, cash position)
  • Middle Office (payment analysis, fixing, accrued interest, interest income, confirmation and deal ticket generation)
  • Back office includes the GLs, accounting and SWIFT messages
  • Risk Controlling (gap analysis, sensitivity and volatility analysis, P&L and VaR calculations, credit risk,
    settlement risk, what if analysis)