Functionalities has been designed to support all standard market transactions, such as money market trades, forex operations, collateral deals, securities, interest, currency and asset swaps, equities, futures and FRA, OTC and exchange traded options, credit linked instruments, commodities and Islamic deals. covers:
Front Office (deal capture, pricing, limits checking, portfolio management, FX position, cash position)
Middle Office (fixing, accrued interest and interest income, confirmation and deal ticket generation)
Risk Control (gap analysis, sensitivity and volatility analysis, P&L and VaR calculations, credit risk, settlement risk, what if analysis)
Back Office (payment analysis, GLs management, accounting entries, SWIFT messages, trade confirmation)
For traders, all menus module integrates real-time prices and credit lines update.
• Front-end blotters reflect the work of each individual trader. Their design is based on the ability to visualize, on a single window view, summary of both pricing screens and transactions
• Arbitrage solvers and calculators complement cutting-edge pricing methodologies offers dealers the option to customise their monitoring screens. They can check settlement daylight limits and perform real-time gaps, including estimated cash-flows.
A comprehensive range of Market risk analyses can be produced on cross-portfolios, such as P&L, hedging, sensitivity, and duration. The Risk module provides a cash flow view and automates the reconciliation processes.

Supervision blotters enable direct transactions towards designated users for further processing, filtering per type of instrument and per deal status. The Back Office user in charge of Money market settlement can perform tasks without having to receive foreign exchange trades, for example. Blotters display just the information needed, thus saving on enquiry time by allowing focus on core business. Once cleared and validated, deals are automatically removed from the blotter, sent to the Back office and then to another blotter, Risk for instance.

Back office functionality includes paperless transfer of trades, automated printouts of deal slips and tailor-made reports, such as maturity diaries or fixing resets. The validation process offers a high level of security. The Back Office system includes a variety of functional modules, which are fully integrated with the other business modules as well as to the Central Limits module (for limits tracking) and to the bank’s GL system (for automatic update of accounting entries). These functional modules automate the events’ processing for the full deal life cycle including confirmations, accounting, settlements, amendments, cancellations, revaluations, etc.