Key Advantages

Fully integrated

All processes are performed on a single platform, allowing seamless integration with any back-end system.

Very high degree of automation leverages from an innovative automatic business event-driven technology that increases productivity and eliminates manual errors. It accommodates Straight Through Processing (STP) and paperless trading to improve user and administration experience, while ensuring total control of operations and complete workflow automation.

Open Architecture

Interfacing to any other system requires no programming and thus no additional cost, giving autonomy to the firm. This is also one of the reasons why all implementations of the platform are successful. Due to its flexibility and ease of use it guarantees minimum resources and time spent on implementation that  takes between 4 to 18 months depending on the scope of the project.

Close client relationship

The platform empowers modern Financial Institutions and Corporates alike to easily customize their Treasury operations, providing the best possible match between the product and the customers’ requirements, whenever needed.

Diversified implementation expertise

The Login team supports and works in partnership with the client’s implementation team at every stage. Our methodology is based on our 30 years’ experience in development and implementation across the banking industry in various regions.