Straight through processing

The solution offers a comprehensive Front-to-Back treasury management functionality that automates the entire treasury and investment process, in real-time and in accordance with global standards.

A typical treasury or investment business is characterized by various stages in the transactions life cycle from deal capture to risk management, booking, accounting, settlement. This involves various specialized processes at each stage with different set of requirements. For example, the deal capture involves a lot of limit checking and real-time update of the positions, whereas confirmation requires specialized SWIFT capability with straight through processing.

The comprehensive end-to-end system provides the ideal solution as it can automate and accommodate the full STP process within the treasury operations of a financial institution. It seamlessly supports the full deal flow across all stages with all necessary security checks (limit break authorization, deal validation and authorization).

The open architecture of the system enables automatic and real-time interface with market data providers (Reuters, Bloomberg) and dealing systems (Reuters, EBS, FX dealing such as Citi FX, BARX, Credit Suisse,etc.), eliminating double entries and offering full STP with proper and user-defined validation steps.

Straight Through Processing is further enhanced by ensuring that all SWIFT messages (confirmations, payments, etc.) are automatically generated when booking and authorizing the deal in the Back Office. This ensures quality of data input at all stages so as to avoid duplication and thus increase productivity. and subsequent payments are also automated.